meem As'hal Program

Convert your Credit Card purchases into installments with meem As'hal Program

With meem Credit Card, we offer our unique feature Installments Program, "meem As'hal"

Whether you are shopping at a Point of Sale or an Online, in Bahraini Dinar or any other currency, you can convert your purchases from BD 120 and above to 0% equal installment plans ranging from 3 to 12 months!

Frequently asked questions

How can I convert my purchases to meem As-hal Program

You can convert your eligible purchases using meem Credit Card into equal monthly installments at 0% through the SMS received after the purchase.

What are the eligible transactions for meem As-hal Program

Point of Sale and e-Commerce transactions

Is Cash Withdrawal included in meem As-hal Program?

With meem Credit Card you can withdraw up to 50%. However, cash withdrawal is not part of the meem As'hal Installment Program

Can online transactions (e-Commerce) be converted to meem As-hal Program?

Yes, as long as the purchase amount is equal to BHD 120 or its equivalent in non-BHD currencies.

Can Non-BHD transactions be converted to meem As-hal Program?

Yes, as long as the purchase amount is equivalent to BHD 120 or greater.

How many transactions are allowed to be converted to meem As-hal Program?

There is no limit on the number of transactions, as long as it is within the credit limit.

Will converted amounts to meem As-hal Program be re-credited to my Credit Card?

No. amounts will be deducted like any other transaction. And will be refunded when paying the monthly installments.

What are the time periods available for meem As-hal Program?

Program tenures are 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and cannot be changed after submitting the application.

Can I cancel my meem As-hal Program transactions?

No. but you can – at any time- settle the due amounts.

How can I convert a transaction if I did not receive the SMS?

Please reach out to meem Contact Centre within 48 hours of doing the transaction. Otherwise, transaction won’t be converted.

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